AviFit (Aviron Fitness)

Are you looking for an activity that combines physical effort, music, fun and conviviality?

Come and try the AviFit

Forget the prejudices of the monotony and the hardness of the rowing machine. On the contrary, diversity and well-being are guaranteed. It is an activity based on varied and safe movements, in a collective indoor rowing yard. All this in a rhythmic atmosphere according to the music and the coach.

Whatever your current physical condition, this non-traumatic activity is perfectly accessible to all.

No need to be a rowing specialist, from the beginner to the most experienced, these very complete sessions are also a moment of sharing and exchange that can also be practiced in family, young or old: the mixture is good!

No mirrors and no worries about appearances. We keep the spirit of CSN Brive, we sprinkle a little music, good mood and we mix all generations to obtain a physical activity (we work the whole body, without shock effect), playful (having fun is essential, performing is secondary) and which can answer different personal objectives: to maintain oneself at the muscular level, suppleness and cardiac, to find the taste of physical activity, to lose weight... to come to have fun during 1 hour with friends or family...

Your trained coaches “Avifit” :

Patrick Le Callonnec

Elise Marcon

Mickael Bousquet

The avifit sessions are :  

Thusday 19h15 - 20h15

Friday 19h15 – 20h15

First session ?

Contact us on the form below, indicating your name, first name and phone number so that we can reach you, as well as the time slot you wish to reserve.

Please note that the session may be moved or cancelled if there are less than 2 participants.

So don’t hesitate :
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The first session is free !